cusco is the first safe destination in peru

Cusco becomes the first city in Peru to receive the Seal as a Safe Destination, which is why the Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Affairs, and Tourism delivered the emblems to local mayors and governors.

A few weeks after it was announced in the context of the coronavirus pandemic that the city of Cusco has been recognized as a safe place for tourism, the Imperial City received the World Health and Safety Certificate last Friday.

The event was held at the Koricancha Temple. From there, the mayor stressed the importance of the aforementioned seal. In addition to seeing this situation as an opportunity to improve quality, it is also possible to reactivate the tourist and economic activity of the city and improve tourist services throughout the Cusco region.

This event shows that Cusco is a city that is being reborn before the world tourism industry and it is in this framework that the Governor of the Cusco Region Jean-Paul Benavente García and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Rocío Barrios Alvarado led in this hard work, The mayor of the imperial city, local authorities and tour operators also participated.

The regional Governor, speaking, said the following: “Now is the time to look forward. Today we commit ourselves as a region, we declare a seal, we transmit information to the world of safe destinations and we promote important changes”. Similarly, he emphasized that more than 30,000 economic units related to the tourism industry have been affected by the pandemic, so, as the first region to bet on a safe destination, this is the tourism industry and social security and the confidence of Cusco. “I am proud of the inhabitants of Cusco, we do not have to lower our vigilance,” concluded Benavante García.

Immediately, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Rocío Barrios Alvarado congratulated the regional governor of Cusco for her work to reactivate the economy of Cusco, which has been hit hard: “I see a vibrant city, this is a city reborn. This is our goal. The purpose is to tell Peru and the world that they are ready to accept them.” The executive representative said: “I am sure that Cusco will not give up and will continue and will not stop until it reaches the place where it has always been.

The “Safe Travels” seal was created to distinguish tourist destinations and companies that adopt standards to guarantee the hygiene of establishments and protect the health of travelers; It is granted as long as the hygiene, health, and social distancing protocols for the fight against the coronavirus are fully complied with.

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