how much cost get to rainbow mountain

Rainbow Mountain the mountain of 7 Colors is one of the most visited places in Peru. This peculiar name refers to the red, pink, purple, yellow, and green stripes that appear due to the combination of minerals. These colors make it a natural attraction visited by local and foreign tourists, not only because of the mountain itself but also because of the surrounding landscape, as well as throughout the walk you will be able to appreciate the majestic Ausangate mountain. The mountain of colors began to become popular in 2015 on social networks. This attracted the first travelers who were able to reach the Vinicunca mountain after 7 hours of walking. Now, due to the great demand of tourists, new routes have been opened to decentralize the flow of tourists, in addition to reducing the walking time to 3 hours.

How much does a Tour to the Mountain of the 7 colors cost?

The cost to visit the Mountain of Colors depends on how you are planning to arrive since you can do it on your own or by hiring an agency. Whatever way you decide to get to Vinicunca, we will give you all the information below.

Mountain of Colors on your own

Traveling to the Mountain of Colors on your own is the cheapest way, however, it is also the most tedious since you have to put together your itinerary as well as food and transportation. To get to Vinicunca you will have to wake up very early at 3:30 am to leave your lodging and take a taxi that will take you to the bus station from Cusco to Sicuani, which is located on Av Huayruropata, after 1 hour 15 minutes of travel you will have to get off at the town of Cusipata, in this place, it is recommended that you have breakfast and also go to the toilets since later there will no longer be any decent service in Cusipata you will have to take a van to the town of Phulawasipata. a place where the walk to the mountain of colors will begin. In this place, you must pay for the entrance ticket and if you have problems with the walk you can rent the service of a horse.
Self travel cost

Tour cost to Vinicunca Price in soles (S/.) Price in dollars ($)
Round trip: (Cusco-Cusipata) S/. 30 9 USD
Round trip: Cusipata-Phulawasipata) S/. 20 5 USD
Entrance tickets S/. 15 5 USD
Horse service (OPTIONAL) S/. 25 6 USD
Breakfast and Lunch S/. 10 3 USD
Snacks S/. 10 3 USD
Total cost S/. 110 per person 30 USD per person

Mountain of Colors by Travel Agency

Arriving at the Mountain of Colors by Agency is the most recommended way and you will only take care of enjoying the trip since the tour includes the pick-up, transfer, food, guidance, entrance tickets, and oxygen.
Agency travel cost
The cost per agency will depend on the service you contract (private or group) and will also depend on what is going to be included, the average cost of the tour to the mountain of colors is from 30 to 45 dollars per person.

Tour cost to Vinicunca Price in soles (S/.) Price in dólares ($)
Tourist bus transportation (round trip) S/. 50 12 USD
Entrance tickets S/. 15 5 USD
Tour guide S/. 30 8 USD
Horse service (OPTIONAL) S/. 25 6 USD
Buffet breakfast and lunch S/. 25 6 USD
Snacks S/. 10 3 USD
Total cost S/. 155 per person 40 USD per person
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