como llegar a la montaña de colores

After the Wonder of Machu Picchu, the mountain of Colors Vinicunca has become another place to visit in Cusco. For years Vinicunca was only a crossing point towards the snowy Ausangate, but over time the Vinicunca mountain stood out for itself because of its beautiful landscape between valleys and mountains. Then, due to the demand of tourists and adventurers, a one-day Vinicunca mountain tour was created that involves an approximate 10 km hike (round trip).


The mountain of 7 Colors is located at a height of 5200 meters above sea level, in the Vicanota mountain range behind the imposing snowy Ausangate, in the Cusco region. The road to Vinicunca is irrigated by the Pitumarca river that is born precisely in the lower part of the Ausangate and which flows into the great Vilcanota river.

Ways to Reach Vinicunca Mountain

To reach the mountain of colors there are two paths.
By Pitumarca.- It can be said that it is the classic route which demands a hard walk of approx 5km, not only because of how long it is, but added to the altitude is very heavy. Upon arrival at the top the landscape is spectacular, snowy mountains, valleys far away and the mountain of seven colors.
By Cusipata.- It is a new route that was recently opened from part of the district of the same name, which is 78 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco in the Cusco province of Quispicanchi. Getting to Cusipata takes about an hour and a half from Cusco from there another hour by bus to the end of the road in Pampachiri to join with an hour of walking, this new road offers various attractions such as Surimana glaciers, viewpoints, lagoons, water mirrors and the main attraction, the hill seven colors.
Mountain of Colors for Free
Taking a tour of the mountain of colors for free is a challenge due to many factors, one of them is how complicated it is to take transportation and get food. In any case to make the tour to the mountain of colors the starting point will be the city of Cusco, for which you will have to wake up very early at 3 am and take a bus. There are several transport companies that will take you to the town of Pitumarca where you can take advantage of breakfast, then you will have to take another transport that will take you to the town of Kayawiri in about an hour. This will be the place where the trek to the Vinicunca mountain will begin but first you will have to queue to pay the entrance to the mountain of colors. If you are not used to long walks, you also have the option to rent a horse and arrive at the famous mountain of colors.
Mountain of Colors with Agency
Getting to the mountain of seven colors by Agency is the best option will give you the ease of taking a tour without worries, without hurry as they include mobility, guide, food, entrance ticket, First Aid Kit, among other elements necessary for the Hike and visit this natural wonder without worries.

Altitudes on the way to the mountain of Colors

Starting point Cusco – 3300 masl.
Checacupe – 3430 masl.
Pitumarca – 3570 masl.
Kayawiri Start of Walk – 4630 masl.
Mountain of 7 Colors – 5020 masl.
Viewpoint of the Mountain of the 7 Colors – 5100 masl.

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