how to get to waqrapukara

Waqrapukara is a great alternative for those looking for adventure and culture tours, this ancient archaeological site offers visitors impressive landscapes and living culture. The Waqrapukara Fortress is an ancient archaeological site hidden in the heights of the sky of Acomayo, it is a place that brings back to our memory those who were our ancestors and their coexistence with the flora and fauna. The building stands at 4,300 meters above sea level on top of a ravine, in the district of Acos, province of Acomayo, department of Cusco.


On their own
To get to the archaeological complex of Waqrapukara there are three routes which we will see below:
Route 1.- Cusco – Acomayo – Huayqui – Waqrapukara
On this first route, Waqrapukara can be reached from Acomayo following the Huáscar branch that goes to the peasant community of Huayqui. It is a bridle path of approximately 7.5 kilometers. then you will have to walk for a time of 3 hours until you reach the archaeological complex of Waqrapukara.
Route 2.- Cusco – Sangarara – Waqrapukara
From Cusco in private mobility, you will have to reach the District of Sangarará. Then you must take the detour until you reach Punta Carretera. Here begins the 8 km walk to reach Waqrapukara, the duration of the walk is 2 hours and 30 minutes one way.
Route 3.- Cusco – Pomacanchi – Santa Lucia – Waqrapukara
From Cusco to the detour to Acomayo you must take a bus (buses or groups that go to Sicuani), from here you will have to board a taxi or bus to the town of Pomacanchi and then follow the road until you reach Santa Lucía in this place it is recommended rent mobility because the bus service is scarce. This route is the longest but on its way, you will be able to appreciate beautiful views as well as livestock and the customs of the inhabitants.


By Agency
A better option is to choose to take the tour through a tourist agency, the safest alternative. Since they will be in charge of organizing the entire tour and that you enjoy your experience. This includes transportation, tour guide, food, and any health complications. The price of the tour varies according to the number of travelers, as well as the type of service you wish to hire, whether it is private or group service.

Recommendations to go to Waqrapukara

Whichever route you choose, it is important to take into account the following to enjoy your walk to this important place.

  • Trekking shoes, because the path is not uniform.
  • Light clothes for the walk
  • Sunscreen.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Water for the ascent.
  • Nuts or chocolate bars, which will give you enough energy for the road.
  • Altitude sickness pills or coca leaves.
  • It is also advisable to sleep well the day before due to the demands of the walk.
  • rain poncho.
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