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The mountain Pallay Punchu is a new natural tourist attraction in Cusco after Vinicunca and Palccoyo would be the third colorful mountain discovered in the Cusco region, its peculiar formation of Andean poncho shape (Pallay Punchu) that allows us to imagine the Andean ponchos multicolored of the Peruvian sierra.
Pallay Punchu offers us unique Andean landscapes, in addition you will be able to see the lagoon of Langui Layo, the Condor Sayana viewpoint and many natural attractions surrounding it.

How to get to Pallay Punchu Mountain?


If you are looking for the way to get to this new destination, you are in the right place, here you will find all the information to make your visit unforgettable.
It is located in the South West of the Cusco region, in the province of Canas and Layo district at an altitude of 4700 m.s.n.m

How To Get On Your Own Account

Route 1: Cusco – Sicuani – Layo
This route is the most busy because of its short journey as to get to Pallay Punchu you must leave very early at 3.30 am and head to Av Huayruropata from where the buses leave for Sicuani, the time is 3 hours and the fare price of 10 soles, when you reach Sicuani will be able to buy some things and then you should head to the bus station going to Layo, this journey is 50 minutes, upon reaching the end point you will have to start with the walk for about 3 hours depending on you physical state in which you find yourself and reach Mount Pallay Punchu, at the top of the mountain you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and their surroundings.
Route 2: Cusco – Sicuani – Marangani – Occobamba
This second option is the longer route and if you decided to undertake it you will have
than take a taxi or collectives from Sicuani to the town of Occobamba where you start the 4 and a half hour walk(round trip) for which it is recommended to be in a good physical condition, and if you feel the forces abandon you in the route you can hire the horse service.

Harvest Ponchu by Agency

The outings to Mount Pallay in agency are done for certain dates according to the number of people since a the mountain is not much visited. The Pallay Punchu tour costs around 150 Peruvian soles ($45) per person. These services depart very early from the city of Cusco (average 3.30 am). Include: transportation, tickets, breakfast, lunch, guide and first aid kit.

Best time to Visit it

Therefore the mountain Pallay Punchu has a cool climate. Temperatures can reach up to 18oC in the morning and afternoon and at night a minimum of 8oC to 5oC. However in freezing season reaches a Minimum 0oC or even lower. The rainy season are most intense between the months of November to March. During those months it is not recommended to visit the site. The most recommended months to visit are April to October.

Recommendations to take away

  • Carry trekking baton, it will help you to balance the body weight.
  • It is also recommended to acclimate in Cusco, between 2 to 3 days before the visit.
  • Early departure from Cusco.
  • Carry water, snack, etc
  • Carry money in soles.
  • Wear a coat.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Comfortable walking clothes.

If you have any questions about the mountain Pallay Punchu, please feel free to contact us on our WhatsApp.

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  1. avatar
    Posted by F| 1 August, 2023 |Reply

    Hello, is it easy to follow the path from where you parc the car to the top? is it marked/clear path? thank you!

    • avatar
      Posted by vinicuncaperu| 10 August, 2023 |Reply

      The path to Pallay Puchu is fully signposted from the bus station to the top of the mountain.

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