Quelccaya is a beautiful glacier in Cusco that also generously gives us great natural attractions; such as the Quelccaya Glacier, the largest glacier in the entire tropical zone of the world. This white giant is also called the Quelccaya Ice Cap, with a length that exceeds 17 km, an area of ​​44 km², and an ice layer 200 m thick.
Quelccaya is located more than 5100 meters southeast of the city of Cusco and sits on the Vilcanota mountain range between the provinces of Canchis (Cusco) and the province of Melgar (Puno).

How to get to the Glacier

To get to the Quelccaya glacier, the first thing you have to do is acclimatize for at least 2 days in Cusco, already acclimatized one day before the trek you will prepare all the necessary items, the day of the trek you must get up very early at 5:30 am and you will have to go to the bus station from Cusco to Sicuani, which is located on Av. Huayruropata, here you will board the bus to Sicuani, when you arrive you can have breakfast and buy some things for the road, right away you will have to take a taxi or a bus to the Phinaya village. Along the way, you will find the wonderful landscapes of the region. After arriving, you will have to take a 2-day walk to the glacier, if you do not want to walk you can go on a horse that you can rent from the residents of the area. Along the way, you will find camping areas so you can spend the night and resume the walk the next day.
Travel Map

What to bring to get to Quelccaya

  • Wear clothes that have ultraviolet protection, fluid repellency and that are made of light and resistant material.
  • Due to the low temperatures of the place, first put on a breathable polo shirt, then an insulating layer (polar) garment, then a down jacket, and finally a raincoat. Don’t forget a hat, gloves and synthetic socks.
  • You must wear trekking shoes, waterproof and sole for slippery terrain
  • Camping implements: Thermal tent, sleeping bag, blanket, mat, headlamp, stove, and three-season tent.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Sunscreen with UV filter factor 30 or higher and don’t forget special sunglasses for these climates, the glare can damage your eyes.
  • Solar charger.
  • A backpack is made of a material such as nylon or polyamide: they are lighter, stronger, and waterproof.
  • Take a camera so you can record all the unforgettable landscapes that you will appreciate.
    Finally, enjoy this great adventure and connect with the Apu Quelccaya.
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