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The Mountain of Colors is a unique natural attraction in the world when you reach the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the landscape and wildlife of the Andes but it is not only the mountain there are also other attractions in its surroundings such as lagoons, snow-capped mountains, and mountains, you can also observe the fauna where you can see vicuñas, alpacas, guanacos, the Andean condor, Andean fox. Below these are the main tourist attractions on the way to the mountain of colors.

Ausangate Mountain


On the way to the Mountain of Colors, we will be able to appreciate this imposing mountain that is part of the Vilcanota mountain chain and rises to 6372 meters above sea level and is one of the highest mountains in Peru and one of the most revered by the locals as the Ausangate is said to be an Apu (god).
montana ausangate vinicunca

Red Valley

The Red Valley was discovered a few years ago and is located a few kilometers from the 7 Color Mountain and is the ideal complement for a visit to these two natural formations. Upon reaching the Red Valley, we will be part of nature and the beautiful landscapes that surround it, and with some luck, we will be able to appreciate the presence of animals in the area. We will also be able to see the lifestyle of the people who live in the areas near the Red Valley.
valle rojo camino ala montana de colores

Puka Qocha Lagoon (Red Lagoon)

Appreciating a red lagoon is unique and you can see it on the way to the Vinicunca mountain, its coloration of this lagoon is due to the minerals that exist within the said lagoon and it is more noticeable when it is the rainy season since the sediments of the foothills of the mountains are concentrated in the lagoon. To get to this lagoon it is necessary to walk for 2 days and you will be able to appreciate the red lagoon and the mountain of colors.
laguna roja ausangate

Qomer Qocha Lagoon (Green Lagoon)

The name of this lagoon is due to its special greenish coloration and to visit it is necessary to make a 2-day excursion and thus you will not only enjoy the lagoon but also the Ausangate since the lagoon is located on the slopes of the glacier.
laguna verde ausangate

Surimana and Hatun Ritty Glaciers

These two glaciers are part of the new circuit on the way to the mountain of colors, they can be seen from many positions at more than 4850 meters above sea level. these glaciers are also part of the Vilcanota mountain range. As well as the other natural attractions, it is also advisable to visit them on a 2-day tour.
glaciares de la montana ausangate


The fauna is a fundamental part of the ecosystem of the Montaña de Colores due to the altitude where the Montaña Vinicunca is located, you can see Alpacas, Vicuñas, flocks of sheep, foxes, the Andean condor that makes a symbiosis exist in the Andes, it is important It should be noted that the hunting of any specimen within the regional conservation area is strictly prohibited by government provision for the conservation and preservation of wildlife.
fauna montana de colores

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