If you still do not know how to get to the hill of seven colors also known as the mountain of 7 colors, this is the post where we will tell you the three ways to get to this natural wonder. The first thing you have to do is arrive in Cusco at least 1 day before going up the mountain to adapt to altitude sickness and better assimilate the symptoms of soroche.
Due to the number of tourists that come to the Vinicunca mountain every day, the local authorities together with the residents of the two different districts enabled new routes facilitating the entry of tourists.
There are currently three routes:

  1. The first route: Entrance through Pitumarca – Checacupe – Quesyuno from this point you have to walk around 4 to 5 hours, This route is the first path that was opened for the entrance to the mountain of colors, on the way we can appreciate beautiful landscapes inter-Andean as well as the flora, fauna and the locals who are along the way, it is worth mentioning that this route is considered the heaviest and most difficult route.
  2. Second route: Entrance is through Pitumarca – Checacupe – Pampachiri, from this point you walk approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the physical state in which you are, on the way you will also be able to appreciate the surrounding landscape.
  3. Third route: Entrance through Cusipata – Phulawasipata, the walking time is 2 to 3 hours. This is the route recently opened to tourists and it is the shortest to reach the mountain of colors.
    So that you can choose the best route to the Vinicunca mountain, you must know which is the best route, through Pitumarca or Cusipata because they are two different districts, however, each of them has its own characteristics and charms.

Map Mountain of 7 Colors


Help to climb the Mountain of 7 Colors

To get to the mountain of colors you must have an acceptable physical condition since on the way there will be many difficulties because it starts from 4800 masl in ascent and altitude sickness plays a very important role in addition to the heat or the rains and the wind. they make it quite a journey until we reach 5,200 meters above sea level, where we will see the beautiful mountain of colors. But don’t worry because you have the possibility to rent a horse that will take you along the route and will leave you very close to the mountain.

When is the best time to visit the mountain of 7 colors?

Some tourists were disappointed when they returned from Vinicunca to find that it was covered in snow and mist. This situation occurs mainly during the rainy season (from November to March). During those months, the weather causes the mountains to be covered in snow. The best time to visit this natural attraction is during the dry season (April to October). During those months the sky will be clear and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountain of colors.

What to take to the mountain of 7 colors

Warm clothing: The 7-color mountain tour is so cold; especially on sunny days; however, remember that you will feel cold at the top of the mountain, so you should bring: a light but warm jacket, a sweater, a scarf, a hat, and your wool gloves can help protect you when you are on the ground to drink the best photos or simply enjoy the landscape of the Vinicunca mountain.
Food: It is necessary to bring some food because traveling to the rainbow mountain is very exhausting, so it is necessary to replenish energy for our body, it is recommended to bring mineral water to maintain hydration, and some snacks, such as nuts, chocolate, candies, cookies, etc. These will help you regain the energy needed to walk.
Extra money: Do not forget to bring some extra money because there are no ATMs or banks for currency exchange. For your personal expenses, for example, the possible idea of ​​renting a horse to get to the Vinicunca Mountain, and some tip that is usually given to the horse’s companion.
Poles: Take or rent some trekking poles these will help you in the ascent and descent of the walk.
Coca leaf: Before the walk, drink a coca tea and you will feel that it will calm the ravages of altitude sickness and you will be able to better develop the trek to the mountain of colors.

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