trip to the mountain of colors in family

The mountain of the 7 colors (VINICUNCA) is one of the majestic natural attractions in Peru and taking a family trip to this beautiful mountain is really a journey, in this article, we will give you all the tips and recommendations that you must take into account to overcome the difficulties that may arise when making the tour to the mountain of seven colors and have the best family travel experience.
It is said that the Vinicunca Mountain is a place that shows a new opportunity for all who visit it, this belief has started with the saying “if you want to see the rainbow you have to face the storm” which teaches us that there is always a reward for our efforts.”

What should you take to Rainbow Mountain?

If we are taking our children, the first thing to keep in mind is that the tour to the Mountain of 7 Colors is only for one day and therefore I recommend that you take only what is necessary without too many belongings and/or too much luggage since backpacks or large luggage stays at your hotel.
You must carry a backpack with the following items:
If you are traveling with children, the elderly, or people who are overweight, it is recommended that you consult your personal doctor, especially if you are not used to walking above 4000 meters above sea level.
Coca te: It is recommended that before the walk you drink an infusion of coca tea or take a pill before the soroche.
Warm clothes: The colorful mountain tour is not so cold especially on sunny days; however, remember that you will feel cold at the top of the mountain, for which you should bring a light but warm coat, a sweater, a scarf, a hat and your own. Wool gloves, you can protect yourself to take the best photos when you are in the city or simply enjoy the landscape of the Vinicunca mountain.
Food: Bring some mineral water to maintain humidity and some snacks, such as nuts, chocolate, sweets, cookies, etc. These will help you recharge your children’s energy and yours.
Money: Don’t forget to bring some extra money to cover personal expenses such as snacks, mineral water, soft drinks, horse services, and tips.
Other personal items: Bring a rain poncho, sunglasses, sunscreen, hiking shoes.
IMPORTANT: If any of your relatives have any difficulty in climbing the mountain of colors, you can take the services of a horse that can be rented at the beginning of the walk in the town of Chillihuani, the rental cost is around 20 soles.

What to do if you travel in the rainy season

If you and your family will make the trip in the rainy season, it is advisable to bring a rain poncho, bring additional clothing, you must wear good trekking shoes and thus protect the health of your family.

What to bring to the security protocols of COVID-19

If you are going to take a tour to the mountain of colors as a family, it is necessary that you bring your chinstrap, facial protector, alcohol gel, respect the social distance of 1 meter and a half, wash hands in the established places, and groups should not overcome more than 8 members.

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