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In this blog, we will give you tips on how to get to the mountain of 7 colors on your own from Cusco. As data, the mountain of seven colors is also known as Vinicunca, it is one of the most visited attractions in Peru. Reaching the top of the mountain at an altitude of 5,200 meters (masl) will be one of your experiences that you will never forget.
A few years ago this natural attraction was hidden under the ice and with global warming from 2016, this place has been visited by hundreds of tourists every day, and together with Machu Picchu, they have become one of the most visited places in Cusco.

Why is it called the mountain of seven colors?

According to several studies carried out in this area, the color tones are caused by the different minerals covered in the area. These natural substances began to form approximately 65 million years ago when water and rain covered the slopes and peaks of the mountains. Over time, the extreme weather melted the snow that formed there, showing the world that today it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Cusco.

How to get there for free?

The first thing before climbing the mountain of colors is to acclimatize for at least 1 day in the city of Cusco before the trek. for which it is advisable to take a walk through the city or also an excursion through the outskirts of Cusco you can visit Sacsayhuaman, maras moray or the sacred valley.
Well now to get to the mountain of colors you have to put together your itinerary which will start very early at 3:30 am because you will have to go to the Cusco – Sicuani bus station located on Huayruropata avenue very close to the closed coliseum in Cusco (price S / 10.00). On the way, you will have to make a stop in the town of Cusipata or Pitumarca (it is worth mentioning that to get to the mountain of colors there are two routes). in this case, we can in the event that you travel along the route through Cusipata. In Cusipata, take the opportunity to have breakfast, go shopping or go to the bathroom, because after that, you won’t find good service. From there, you can take cars (in front of the city of Cusipata) to the town of Phulawasipata (cost 5.00) in this place you must pay the entrance ticket that costs S / 10.00 for national tourists and 15 soles for foreigners. When you pass the control, you will start the walk of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. If during the walk you have inconveniences to walk, you have the option of renting a horse (cost 30.00 soles). When you reach the top you will be able to contemplate the beauty of the mountain of 7 Colors, you will also be able to contemplate the Vilcanota mountain range and of course one of the mountains most revered by the locals, we speak of the Ausangate mountain.
Like every trip to now, you have to go back, the way back is already pure descent which should not bring you many inconveniences, it is recommended that you return before 2:00 pm so that you can have lunch with peace of mind because they usually run out due to the high demand.

Tips and useful information

It is recommended to buy and take pills against soroche or you should also drink an infusion of coca leaves before walking.
Similarly, height also requires certain physical conditions, so if you are not used to hiking at high altitudes, it is recommended that you prepare in advance.
April to November are the ideal months to visit this place since it is the dry season and you will be able to appreciate all these colors of the Vinicunca mountain and its surroundings. However, it can be visited in the rainy season as long as there is no heavy rain or snowfall.
It should be noted that for the locals the Vinicunca mountain is a sacred place because rituals such as the payment of the land are performed before it and they live with Andean animals such as alpacas and llamas, so it is important to travel responsibly and respect the natural environment and culture.
Likewise, the influx of tourists in this place has kept the communities that live here on alert, hoping to avoid damaging the mountains. For this reason, we ask you not to use graffiti or leave litter and respect the road signs.


The hygienic services is a job that until now has been carried out in the nearby towns, despite the efforts we can still say that the hygienic services on the way to the mountain of colors are precarious, for which we strongly ask you to relieve yourself in the towns of Cusipata or Pitumarca where the services are acceptable.
It should be taken into account that the Internet service and the telephone signal do not reach the mountain of colors on the way, so we recommend that you put the phone in airplane mode since with the cold the battery tends to discharge faster, take a portable charger for the camera and your phone, so you can take photos and videos without a problem.

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