reopening towards the rainbow mountain

The reopening of the rainbow mountain to national and foreign tourists is in the final stage and from this November 1, 2020, this natural wonder will be reopened. However, in travel agencies, some opinions differ because the tourism industry has not yet activated national tourists and especially foreigners, so it is in agreement with the local and communal authorities, which came to the following:

1. The community members of Chillihuani will not allow those bad entrepreneurs who do not comply with all biosafety protocols to enter the mountain of colors.
2. The community of Chillihuani presented its sanitary protocols to Diresa 10 days ago under the advice of a biosafety consulting company.
3. A technical table was formed between the communities and tourism entrepreneurs where the protocols were validated in a field visit.
4. The technical table will also evaluate legal mechanisms to guarantee the formality and sustainability in the reopening of the route.
5. The reopening of the mountain of seven colors will be this November 1, 2020, until before the date entry is prohibited.

Mayor of Pitumarca asks DIRCETUR tourist agreement table

The mayor of Pitumarca, Benigno Vengoa stated that in the community of Ch’illihuani
Cusipata district of the province of Quispicanchi is already giving training according to the health protocols issued by DIRESA for the prevention and control of Covid-19 and thus be able to restart tourism in the mountain of colors

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