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You are planning to visit the beautiful Mountain of 7 Colors because first of all, you should know that there are three routes to reach the Vinicunca mountain. Soon I will tell you in detail how to get to each of these routes, taking into account that you will travel on your own.

1.- Old Route through Pitumarca


The journey to the mountain of colors begins at dawn at 4:00 am from your lodging in the city of Cusco, for which you must take the taxi service that will take you to the bus station that will cover the route Cusco – Sicuani, which is located in Huayruropata Avenue. In this place, you will find several companies for this section it has a cost of S / 10.00. On the way, be sure to get off at the town of Checacupe, which is a 2-hour drive away. In this place, you must board a bus to the Pitumarca district that will take about 30 minutes. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and go to the restrooms. Immediately you must go to the Kayrawiri town where the trek to the Mountain of 7 Colors begins. It is worth mentioning that there is no direct transport service from Pitumarca to Kayrawiri. For this reason, we recommend that you rent a taxi or you can also get together with other travelers to rent a transport. In Kayrawiri you will have to pay the entrance ticket that has a differentiated cost for local and foreign visitors 10.00 and 15 soles respectively. Until 2018, this was the busiest route for commuters. However, due to the great demand, the route through Cusipata was opened, which most travel agencies and tourists prefer to visit through the new route since it is shorter and cheaper.

Details of the route through Pitumarca

Distance of the walk Kayrawiri – Vinicunca: 8 km (round trip)
Walking time: 2 hours and a half approx. one way.
Pros: Few people on the trail.
Disadvantages: You spend more time in transport since the bus journey is longer and services are scarce.
Pitumarca travel map

2.- Route through Cusipata

To get to the Montaña de Colores through this new route, we will follow the same steps that we previously described for the Pitumarca route. Only in this case, you will have to get off in the district of Cusipata, which is kilometers more before Pitumarca. Travel time to this town is approximately 1 hour and a half. Upon arrival in Cusipata, you must have breakfast and then take the taxi or express service to the town of Phulawasipata. The taxi ride to Phulawasipata has a cost of 10.00 to 15.00 soles, the travel time is approximately 1 hour.

Details of the route through Cusipata

Distance of the walk Phulawasipata – Vinicunca: 7 km (round trip)
Walking time: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes one way.
Advantages: You have the possibility to visit the Red Valley
Disadvantages: Many visitors prefer to go this route, which means that there is a lot of crowding and you cannot enjoy the landscapes of the route.
Cusipata travel map

3.- Route through Ausangate

If you are looking for something different to get to the Vinicunca Mountain, this route is a good option because on your way you will be able to enjoy beautiful inter-Andean landscapes, rivers, lakes, you will also know the flora and fauna, and you will also be able to contemplate one of the mountains most revered by the locals. we are talking about the Ausangate. This road is a unique way to reach the Mountain of 7 Colors in a 4-day tour. In this case, I recommend that you hire the service of an agency since they take care of transportation, food, and guidance.
Details of the route through Ausangate
Distance of the walk: 15 km of route.
Walking time: 4 days 3 nights.

It is a little-known route and above all, you will be in contact with nature.
You will visit the Mountain of Colors and the Ausangate and above all, you will learn about the customs of the locals.


If you are not in the habit of taking long walks, it is convenient that you have a few days of acclimatization in the city of Cusco.

What to take to the Mountain of Colors.

  • Identity document or passport.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hat and/or wool caps.
  • Light clothing preferably waterproof.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • money in soles.
  • Snack for the road.
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