three canyons of suykutambo

The geological complex of Suykutambo or three Canyons consists of a formation of rocky mountains that rise to the top. These, by projecting their shadows throughout the day, take various forms, such as mythical animals and faces. For thousands of years, water erosion has created three perfect alleys of enormous cliffs of earth and volcanic stone that converge in a huge natural amphitheater, where three rivers converge, forming elements of the magnificent landscape. Suykutambo is the place where the canyons of three rivers converge: Apurímac, Callumani and Cerritambo where they join the great Apurímac river.
The Three Canyons of Suykutambo are located on the route that connects Cusco and the Colca Valley. This natural space is located in the districts of Coporaque and Suykutambo in the province of Espinar, 241 km from Cusco at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level.

How to get to the Three Canyons


Suykutambo On Your Own
To visit the three canyons on your own, you must take into account the following.
Transportation.- You must take the buses that leave from the bus terminal in Cusco or you can also take the service of a private car, the cost is 30 soles, the trip will last approximately 5 hours. At this point you can take a break and have a snack, then you must take a transport to the three Suykutambo Canyons, the average time it will take is approximately 50 minutes.
Food.- Due to how far away the three canyons are, it is recommended to bring dry food, nuts, chocolates, candies.
Tourist guide.- It is recommended that you hire a person who knows the place since there are not many tourists who visit Suykutambo.

Map to get to Suykutambo

Suykutambo By Agency
Visiting Suykutambo by agency is a good alternative since you will not worry about transportation, food and guidance since all this will be taken care of by the travel agency and you will only have to enjoy the Andean landscape, ancient towns and the three canyons that await you. you.

Best time to visit

In general, Cusco has two well-defined seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. It is advisable to visit Suykutambo in the dry season, which is from April to October, since they are favorable months for a trip without inconveniences.

Attractions to see in the three Canyons

  1. It presents a spectacular volcanic geological formation 80 meters high, showing a mysterious stone forest.
  2. It has a vast and incredibly rich forest made up of queñuas, as well as incredible fauna and is home to puya Raimondi, taruca and vicuña.
  3. It is perfect for hiking and adventure sports in nature such as kayaking, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, biking, motocross, hiking and more.
  4. Nearby are archaeological sites such as Maukallacta and Taqrachullo, the former with 44 circular and semicircular enclosures.
  5. On the way to Suykutambo we will visit the Temple of Wiracocha, a huge rectangular structure with two floors, the lower part is made of stone and the upper part is made of mud. After a small curve, the four main lagoons can be seen.

Recommendations to enjoy your trip

  • Do not forget to take warm clothes with you, since at night it is too cold, also try to wear a hat, scarves, gloves.
  • Waterproof jacket or rain poncho, in case it rains.
  • To carry out the trekking, it is recommended to carry a walking stick, it will help you a lot.
  • Bring a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen as you will be at a considerable height and the sun is more intense.
  • In order not to create discomfort in the lifestyle of the locals, it is recommended to keep the place clean.
  • Camera and camcorder.
  • Personal documents at hand.
  • Water, it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Carry nuts, to generate energy.
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