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The Mountain of the Seven Colors or Vinicunca is one of the mountains located in the Vilcanota mountain range, from this place you can see the Ausangate mountain chain. Due to the presence of minerals, erosion, wind, water, and the melting of the snow-capped mountains, the mountain of 7 colors was discovered and little by little this became one of the most visited natural attractions in Peru and around the world. In this blog, we will provide you with useful information about what you should carry in your backpack so that you can only concentrate on enjoying this impressive attraction and not think about possible contagion.

These are the items you need to bring:

Bring your Mask and Face Shield
With the new Covid-19, the Peruvian government established biosafety protocols for entering the different archaeological and natural centers. therefore it is necessary that you carry a KN 95 chinstrap, preferably also a face mask, it is also recommended that you carry 96% alcohol gel.
Keep your Social Distance
It is recommended to maintain a distance of 1 meter and a half between people and tourists in general.
Drink coca tea before breakfast
Drinking coca tea before breakfast is very important, it has many properties to prevent the possible symptoms of altitude sickness.
Bring Coca Leaves or Caramel
During the journey you can go chewing coca leaves or better in coca candies, since coca is a warm herb it will be difficult to lower the pressure, the temperature is low throughout the route. Coca has many properties that you will be surprised to know, this herb contains many vitamins (A, C, and E), and not only that, it also contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, it also has calories, proteins, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates.
Plastic Hat and Poncho
To prevent a plastic or/and rain poncho, it would not hurt, because the rain may reach us on the road. Hats and sunscreen, it is very important to protect our skin and cover our heads.
He wears a feather coat. Why feather? Because it is the one that weighs the least and warms the most, do not wear a coat that is hot and heavy, it will be very difficult to wear it and you will get tired faster.
for which you should bring: a light but warm coat, a sweater or sweater, a scarf, a hat and yours Wool gloves, you can protect yourself to take the best photos when you are in the city or simply enjoy the scenery of the Vinicunca mountain.
trekking shoes
Trekking shoes are very important, to make the route without problems. The path is sandy and sometimes slippery due to the rains, to climb without slipping use trekking shoes. Don’t wear new shoes, they will damage your feet, wear the most comfortable shoes.
Flexible pants
Wear the right pants, don’t wear jeans in they are the worst pants you can wear for hiking or walking, these pants fit and don’t let you stretch your legs, the right pants are leggings.
carry walking sticks
Walking sticks are really very useful for uphill and downhill walks, although some prefer not to carry them, then they regret it, for this route, it is very necessary, sometimes the route is usually slippery, using the sticks you can help yourself to hold and climb more easily, moreover, it helps us not to get tired because we can lean on it during the walk, especially to make descents and ascents.
wear gloves
Gloves are one of the most important things for this route since we hold the poles with our hands and the cold is intense, to protect them from the cold some gloves would not hurt, these will be better to buy from Cusco you can find gloves in the communities, but are sold at twice the price.
Don’t forget to bring some extra money in soles for personal snacks, mineral water, soft drinks, horse service, and tips.
Sunscreen, you should also bring sunscreen or moisturizer for your face and body.

Get ready for the restart of tourist activity in the mountain of colors!

If you go with elderly, overweight people or children, it is recommended that they consult a doctor before walking, especially if they are not used to walking at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters.

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