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Commonly known as the Mountain of 7 Colors, Vinicunca is a natural tourist attraction that more and more travelers consider as one of the places to be visited in Peru for its peculiar colors that make it an extremely tempting tourist destination not only for the mountain. , but also for the Andean landscape that surrounds it, which can be admired during the walk. In this article you will have the complete guide to the things you can do in Vinicunca so that you can organize your walk to the mountain of colors with all the information and practical advice to visit it, how to get there and which tour to choose.
Plan your schedules well
If you are planning to visit the mountain of colors on your own, you will have to plan your schedules well and organize round trip transportation, food, and the items that you must take for the walk.

What to see on the way to Vinicunca

On the first journey from Cusco to Cusipata you will be able to observe the entire southern valley of Cusco starting in saylla, oropesa, urcos, pikillaqta, raqchi, places with very beautiful landscapes. Upon arrival in Cusipata you will have a moment to see the plaza and the church that are in Cusipata.
The second section you will have to take a transport from Cusipata to the Phulawasipata town, this section is shorter but it will be a road without asphalt, this route will be a pure ascent that goes from 3,300 meters above sea level to 4,800 meters above sea level, therefore you will be able to observe various microclimates from an Andean valley to the cold mountains of the Andes.
When you arrive at Phulawasipata you will feel a very frigid climate and a high Andean landscape typical of the Peruvian highlands. This will be the place where the walk to the mountain of colors will begin. I also mention that if you have problems walking, you have the option of renting a horse that will make your walk more accessible. On the way to Vinicunca you can see the mountains of various formations and colors as well as wildlife such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos, Andean foxes. You will also be able to learn about the traditions and customs of the locals of each town.

When you arrive at the mountain of colors you will have all the time to take photos of the Vinicunca mountain and accompanied by the snowy ausangate and in the background you can see part of the red valley, without a doubt reaching the mountain of colors has an unparalleled reward.

Can you visit the Red Valley by this route?

If you can visit the red valley by this route, always leave from Cusco earlier, since to get to the red valley you have to walk an hour more approximately and the return will be by another route.

Recommendations to get to Vinicunca

Solar repellent.- The sun in the heights is very strong, it is recommended to apply it half an hour before the walk.
Sunglasses.- Ultraviolet sunglasses are essential.
Raincoat and/or poncho.- If you travel to the mountain of colors in the rainy season, you must bring a plastic rain poncho, failing which, they weigh nothing. you can get them in the same place before the walk.
A light backpack.- Carry a small backpack only for your important things like a bottle of water, snacks. The less weight you carry, the better.
Warm clothes.- In the mountain of colors it is very cold, wear a jacket and thermal pants since you will access up to 5,200 meters of altitude.
Coca leaves.- If you don’t have any, take a few of the ones they give out for breakfast for coca tea or buy them on the street. We explain in detail how to avoid altitude sickness in Peru.

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