what to bring to the rainbow mountain

For thousands of years and due to climate change, the erosion of different minerals and stones deposited by wind and water provides visitors with a colorful and magnificent landscape. The Vinicunca Mountain is one of the mountains located in the Vilcanota mountain range because it is located at the highest point of the Andes at an altitude of more than 5,200 meters above sea level, the trip to the Mountain of Seven Colors is considered at a high level. Due to the cold and high altitude, many travelers and tourists find it difficult to reach this beautiful mountain. If you are determined to visit this magical mountain, you must prepare yourself to fully enjoy this unique experience.

What you should take to the Mountain of 7 Colors

Light backpack.- It is necessary that you carry a small backpack so that you can put the basic things for the walk: extra pants, sunscreen, scarf, sunglasses, water, snack, etc.
Trekking poles.- Although many find it somewhat uncomfortable to carry poles, it is recommended that you take some poles since in many passages the path is steep and slippery.
Trekking shoes.- It is necessary that you have trekking shoes so that you do not have problems with the mud and suffer a fall on the wet floor.
Warm clothes.- The climate in the mountain of colors is very cold; especially if we have a day with temperatures below 10°, remember that it will be cold at the top of the mountain, for which you should bring: a light but warm sweater, a scarf, a hat and wool gloves that will help you protect you
Food.- If you travel on your own you should keep in mind that there is no restaurant of any kind on the walk to the mountain of colors. Make sure you bring some food, because walking is more tiring and you need to regain physical strength, I recommend you bring mineral water, nuts, chocolate, cookies, etc.
Extra money.- Do not forget to bring some extra money, because along the way you will not find any ATM or bank to withdraw money. For your personal expenses, you must also take into account that the altitude and the lack of air do not allow you to arrive in better conditions and you will have to rent the service of a muleteer and his horse, as well as you will have to buy sandwiches, mineral water, soft drinks and Tips for any service rendered.
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What you should do before going to the Vinicunca mountain

Before starting the tour to the Vinicunca mountain, the first thing is to acclimatize to the altitude and be in Cusco for at least one day, however, it is recommended that there be more days of acclimatization. For which Cusco has a great variety of places that you can visit.
Drink coca tea:
Coca tea, infusion, or mate is the best antidote to combat altitude sickness and I suggest you drink it before eating any food. This will make your body more stable in the face of variations in altitude and the climate of the Peruvian highlands.
Rest early:
One night before climbing the colorful mountain you must rest very early because you will have to wake up in the morning between 4 to 4.30 am to board the tourist minivan if you hired a tourist agency and if you go on your own you will have to get up even earlier to go to the bus station.
Do not run: When starting the walk, go at your own pace since the walk begins at 4600 meters above sea level and ends at the mountain of colors viewpoint at 5200 meters above sea level.
Don’t overeat:
Due to the height of the Vinicunca mountain and the walk, your body will undergo some changes, so eating in excess is not good for you. Avoid buying a snack along the way because it will cool you down and when you eat it, you may suffer some decompensation.
Good camera with memory and extra battery:
The road to the mountain of colors is incredible and has a unique landscape and you will surely want to take many photos from anywhere, so do not run out of memory or battery.
Rain poncho: If you travel in the rainy season it is necessary that you wear a rain poncho so you will avoid getting wet and being colder than it may be.
Sunglasses, sunscreen: Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun since at higher altitudes the ultraviolet rays are stronger, it is also recommended that you apply sunscreen.

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